Monday, December 17, 2012

Last MVW Challenges...oh boy !!!

Well, the wild ride that was MVW 2013 is finally coming to an end. I have such conflicting feelings. One half of me wants to scream and hide from everything, the other half never, ever wants it all to end. I bet I am not the first or last to feel those weird emotions, but it's a fair reflection of the committment and passion that we have for this contest that all of us have these emotions, well I think so anyway !!

The last 2 challenges were quite different and challenging in their own way, so as usual, I dived in to see what I could come up with.

The Apocalytpic challenge asked us to style an outfit showing how the world would end if it were ending tomorrow. After many aborted attempts to get something that looked right, I thought about global warming, the melting ice-caps (yes they are, but lets not get into that now) and decided that the end of the world would be brought about by water.

Finding this style was not easy at all, but after buying the gorgeous "Laylak" gown from Vero Modero, the style started to crystallize in my head. I found the perfect skin over at Boudoir and just upstairs from the skin was the ideal hair. I had loads of mermaid things so I decided to add scales to the skin to give a more aquatic look and BAM, there it was. It was just one of those things that happened by happy accident. I accessorised with a few small pieces and was just thrilled with how it looked.

This AMAZING photo was taken again by my photography sponsor, October Bettencourt of October Studios. Each time I look at it, I see some new detail or something I'd missed, just a wonderful capture.

A week later after I had submitted it, I had to pick my jaw off the floor as this image was judged to be the winner. I checked to see noone had slipped anything into my coffee but it was real, eeeep!!!

After this, Skip Staheli reshot the photo as the bonus for winning this challenge was to appear on the front cover of the December edition of the Best of Second Life Magazine. Little me on the BOSL cover, excited didn't really cover how I felt. So, I met up with Skip and he made this great image that featured on the BOSL cover.

Our final challenge I found personally to be one of the most difficult. All beauty pageants have a swimsuit section (steady boys!) but ours was not just a bathing costume!

We had to style it after the legendary Sirens of Greek mythology, aquatic women who lured sailors to their death with their perfect singing voices and alluring beauty. I tried very hard for a day, but what I came up with looked more like a mermaid than a Siren, so I had to scrap that look and start again. I went with a very cute bathing costume from Purple Moon and added parts of 5 different mermaid costumes to create the final look. The skin (again from Boudoir) gave it just that perfect touch of unearthy beauty I was looking for.

October again captured the look perfectly, so much detail in the photograph and JUST what I wanted! So again, a big thank you to her !!

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