Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chop Zuey and fruity :)

Sometimes, I think RL has periods when it tests your patience, just because it can I think. Mind you, it would be awfully dull if things were perfect all the time, difficult periods help us to build character and resilience. A thick skin is no hindrance ........

So today, I decided to think of happier things......sunshine (wasn't any), bird song (limited to a very fat pigeon cooing away trying to grab one of the ladies), my cat (asleep firmly in the middle of my bed) and breakfast (no milk). So, you just know it's going to be one of those days !!!!

We all know Belle Roussel, the creator of the beautiful Chop Zuey range of jewellry. But did you also know she has begun to make some quite spectacular clothes too? I thought I'd share with you one of her gorgeous collections, the "Spring Nectarine".

When I first saw this it hit me square between the eyes, the deep, rich colours, the incredible detail and the beautiful jewellery that comes along with this gown.

The gown itself is mesh, a glittering, floor-length, figure-hugging delight in the usual sizes. Over this is a bejewelled corset top with a resizer to ensure a perfect fit for all of us. The jewels spread from the top to bottom of the corset, tailoring off around to the back. Two jewelled belts fit over the corset, you could wear one or the other, maybe even both if you felt like it. These again are encrusted with jewels and flash quite amazingly in any light.

A pair of over-the-elbow gloves in the same shade as the gown are topped off with jewelled cuffs, complementing the rest of this sparkling collection. A flamboyant hat, complete with an optional veil really adds a touch of drama and impact. A choice of two chest brooches (small and large) add a dash of elegance and really add to the silhouette of this gown. The jewellery consists of the jewelled glove cuffs, matching earrings and two matching bangles, again all complete with resizers.

I never pretend to be anything except an enthusiastic amateur as far as photography is concerned, but I hope this image gives you an inkling of how spectacular this collection really is, the detail is just mind-boggling.

So, have a trip up to the Sky Boutique and have a look at Belle's amazing designs, you will not regret it!


Gown, hat, jewellry - "Spring Nectarine" - Chop Zuey
Hair - Updo Blonde Hat Hair - CC
Lipstick - Orange - LaFauna
Eyeshadow - Pippi Orange/Gold - Oceane

Your taxi awaits :)

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