Friday, August 2, 2013

A bit early for apples.........

Summer in the UK - now there is a contradiction in terms. One day it's almost warm, next minute is rains like it's going out of fashion, always when I have my laundry out drying too! Probably a hint to buy a tumble dryer or some cosmic meaning.

After three gruelling RL job interviews on Skype, I just found out I lost the job as one of my references did not pitch up.......grrrrr. Another one of those days!!!

I picked up another of Belle Roussel's dresses yesterday and after styling it I felt I had to share it with you.

From her Sky Boutique, this is the "Carmen's Escape" collection in a gorgeous shade called Apple.

The dress itself is almost a tube-type, fitting very close and ending quite a way up above the knee. It comes in the usual five standard sizes, the small fitted me right out of the box with no fiddling about. The bustline is enhanced with a lovely feather trim, embellished with gleaming black gems set in silver and this is repeated on the back of the dress as well. A jewelled belt snugs the dress in nicely under the bust, again encrusted with these gorgeous black gems.

Feather-trimmed black gloves with jewelled cuffs are a really nice touch, fit great as well !! The snazzy little clutch, the "Nocturne" in black with diamonds complements this perfectly, also from Chop Zuey.

The whole ensemble is topped off with an extravagant black and red fascinator, an explosion of colour. 

Belle is famous for her jewellry and this collection does not disappoint. The gorgeous necklace and earrings are included in this spectacular collection and, as always, have resizers to enable a perfect fit. In fact, all but the dress have resizers, so fitting is easy. 

This collection is available in the Sky Boutique at Chop Zuey and is available in a range of colours, go on, treat yourself :)


Dress, fascinator and jewellry - "Carmen's Escape" in Apple - Chop Zuey
Clutch - "Nocturne" in Black with Diamonds
Hair - Hat Hair Blonde - CC
Shoes - Coure Black - N-Core
Eyeshadow - Metallic Rose - KOSH
Lipstick - Vibrant Dark Red - Izzie's 

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