Saturday, July 13, 2013

Well, I'm back :)

After a rather difficult patch, I am back into the groove again here in SL. One thing after another tripped me up in RL, from work issues to internet problems, but a family bereavement made me realise that I needed a break to spend time on sorting out my RL once again.

So, I had two months almost totally away from SL and I must confess I did need them. My RL had gone through a bad time, but well, back again into the wonderful world that is our SL.

I had been on a massive shopping spree just before I went on my break, so let me start with a gorgeous dress I picked up from the Liv-Glam store.

When I started to style it, I suddenly was hit with a look of a 1940's film noir, so I continued on down that road and came up with this :)

  The dress itself is from Liv-Glam, the "Imani" dress. This one is quite unusual in that normally when you buy a dress, it comes in the usual 5 sizes, but this one does not. Instead, it comes with a HUD that is worn, from the HUD you choose the size and that is delivered to you. It's a really neat idea, one that I have not seen much around the grid so far.

The dress itself is just about knee-length and has a fabulous sheen to it, fits like a glove too. It has a corset-style fitted top and a close-fitting pencil-style skirt. The jacket is a bolero-type fit, held closed by a delicate chain at the neckline and complements the outfit quite beautifully.

As I tried for a vintage look, I had to find some sort of a hat to complement the whole thing, I had a hunt through my pile that I rather stupidly call an inventory and found I had already picked up the "Valerie - York" hat from Bliss Couture a little while ago. A delicate floral piece, with white petals and darker detailings, it worked just so well.

Finding the right place to shoot the photos happened by happy accident. I was checking out a holodeck that I have from Horizons and found this scene in it that I had bought at least a year ago. It's simply called "Noir" and it recreates quite beautifully a film-noir style cafe, even down to the bar, piano and Art-Deco style decor. It is literally stuffed full of lovely poses and animations that I can't believe I did not use it before.

I am glad to be back and thank you to all of you who wished me well and supported me through what was a very difficult time for me.The avatars may be virtual, but the people and emotions behind them are not and they made a huge difference to me so thank you all once again xx


Dress and jacket - Imani - Liv-Glam
Hat - Valerie York - Bliss Couture
Shoes - Femme "Noir Intense" - NCore
Hose - Soft Shine Pantyhose Black 50 seams - Bax Coen
Glasses - Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses Cherry/Brown - Purple Moon
Gloves - Jessamine Gloves  - Olympian Blue Leather (Tinted) - Belgravia
Hair - DIVA Vintage hair (medium length) black - Tuty's
Lipstick - Dark red - Izzie's
Eyeliner - Needle black liner 1 - Blackliquid
Eyeshadow - Big Night Out (Black) - Chelle
Clutch - Stella Clutch [Noir-Silver] - House of Fox

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