Monday, July 29, 2013


Ever had one of those days? I sat down to scribble something on here three times already today. Each time I laid a finger on my keys, a thunderstorm seemed to park itself over the roof my house and rain as if I had insulted its' mother. I don't know how the drivers coped, one minute dry road, next minute a passable impression of a river in flood. Climate change........don't get me started.

I've not worn a gown in what seemed like ages, so having found three gorgeous ones, I thought I'd share the looks with you, see if you like, that sort of thing........

The first is a limited edition gown from Countdown simply called "Cleo Gold". Antonia creates some simply lovely clothes for us to enjoy and this is definitely one to enjoy.

A shimmering creation in gold, silver and a touch of black, it really clings in all the right places. The neck of the bodice is quite high and modest, the arms are left bare with a floor length skirt sweeping along elegantly. Antonia thoughtfully included two lower skirt pieces to complete the long, elegant line. This is one for a late summer soiree.


Gown - Cleo Gold Limited Edition - Countdown
Hair - Veronica Golden - Wasabi Pills
Earrings - Snowflake - Chop Zuey
Bracelet - Grace bracelet - Finesmith
Shoes - Sense Champagne - N-Core
Nails - Female Medium - Mandala
Eyeliner - Needle Black - Blackliquir
Lipstick - Vibrant Red - Izzie's

Sadly Bliss Couture is closing its doors very soon, a sad day for us all in Second Life. Amutey DeCuir creates some of the most sublime gowns anywhere in Second Life, including the spectacular gown she made for me for the Miss Virtual World finals last December. When I saw this next gown, I simply HAD to get one before they disappeared for ever.

This gorgeous gown is a limited edition again, designed in the style of Yves St Laurent. A lacey bodice runs down into this explosion of a skirt. Crafted from chiffon, its one of those gowns that makes you feel like royalty the second you step into it. The gloves lend a perfect touch of class to this perfect collection.


Gown and gloves - YSL gown - Bliss Couture
Hair - SJ Calm - Magicka
Earrings and necklace - Circus Maximus Gold and Purple - Chop Zuey
Shoes - Cuore Black - N-Core
Hat - Valeries Hat - York (tinted) - Bliss Couture
Eyeshadow - Metallic Light Gold - Kosh
Lipstick - Vibrant Dark Red - Izzie's

The last installment of this fabulous formality comes from Mohna Lisa Couture.

Calista Ella, an old friend, invited me over to the Mohna Lisa store to have a look at this new gown, the "Hourglass Elegance". Once I saw it, I fell a bit in love, the styling and design is so opulant and classy. I was about to buy one when Cali bought it for me. Thank you !!!!

This colour is the "Lace and White" version of the gown, there are others available too. 

There are many different pieces to the gown from the mesh fitted gown itself, prim skirt pieces that fit lower on the leg, beautiful mesh earrings that complement the gown very nicely, jewels that fit to the chest and hip. There is even a bow that adorns the left shoulder and an optional shoulder drape that sweeps behind the gown.

It's the details that really caught my eyes when I was styling it, from delicate shimmering in the bodice material to the beautiful texturing on the skirt, I was just amazed how much one could cram into one gown.


Gown and jewellry- Hourglass Elegance - Lace and White - Mohna Lisa Couture
Hair - Hat Hair and hair base Blonde - LOQ
Shoes - Shaori Black - Ahn-Ji
Hat - Miah Hat Red - Bliss Couture
Eyeshadow - Big Night Out Black - Chelle
Lipstick - Vibrant Dark red - Izzie's
Gloves - Jessamine Gloves Olympic Blue (Tinted) - Belgravia

Oh wow, it's stopped pouring with rain. the storms must have realised that I was not calling them rude names after all.


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