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Back in the land of the living.................

Well, welcome to 2014 everyone. I hope 2013 was a year when some, if not all, of your dreams were realised and that the dreams for this year realise themselves too.

Christmas and New Year were quiet this year, makes a nice change from the excessive partying and whatever that usually happens at that time of year. But it was a quiet time of reflection, summing up all that had happened during 2013 and I came to the conclusion while sat snuggled by the fire with a glass of wine that apart from a couple of bad patches, it had been a darned good year. New friends came into my life, some old ones went into the great unknown, some left us for good in both lives, which made me sad. But that is a part of life and however sad we feel, we should celebrate a life well-lived with all its richness, laughter and friendships.

Just before Christmas, I was part of a wonderful show which showcased Desir's new collection of gothic-inspired couture gowns.I was fortunate enough to model some of these so I'd like to share three of them with you now.

This lovely, ethereal creation from Vivien Emerald is called "Giulia".A closely-fitted corset-style top hugs in all the appropriate places, even snuggling in a few extra pounds caused by a touch too much turkey recently....*coughs*. The floor-length skirt is overlaid with feathers at the hem and is cut from brilliant while silk. An explosion of feathers around the shoulders makes such an impression, I was so impressed when I saw how this looked when I wore it for the first time.I did not need to add much to create the effect I wanted, just a pair of evening gloves from Leverocci, a swirly hat and I was about done, the jewellry is from Zuri Rayna, the elegant "Gala MVW 2013" collection, these are really adaptable as they have multiple gem and metal options, apart from looking great!!!


Gown - "Giulia" - Desir
Gloves - Jessamine Snow Suede - Leverocci
Shoes - Sense2 Neige - NCore
Jewellry - "Gala MVW 2013 Elite" - Zuri Rayna
Eyeliner - Supermodel Catwalk Eyeliner 03 Black - {{BSD Design Studio}}
Eyeshadow - Face Tattoo- Angel Black/White with eyeshadows - WhiteWidow
Lipstick - Fuyu Mocha - Izzie's

Now, the next gown made me think if those films, all dark and eerie where the baddie is a woman...mwahahahaha. You know, like Elizabeth Bathory or some legendary witch or seductress from the old stories? Well, this gown, the "Elizabeta" made me think of exactly those characters from literature and you can probably see why. Cut from jet-black patterned silk, this makes a statement wherever you wear this creation. A high-necked, clinging top, set of by an applique of roses on the right shoulder, has a very subtle net-like pattern. The skirt, well you can see for yourself. Flaring out from the hips and draping softly to the ground creating a very dramatic and yet elegant silhouette. 

To give a little pop to this collection, I added the stylish "Rocinante's Curve" necklace and earrings made by Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey. Made in palladium with black spinels nestled in the curves, this gown and jewellry collection could have been made for each other. The nails are quite unusual, from Moondance Boutique, as they create an almost 3D look, probably why they are celled "Elizabeta 3D". OK, blonde moment there ........................


Gown - "Elizabeta" - Desir
Jewellry - "Rocinante's Curve" - Chop Zuey
Eyeshadow - Dusk Shadow Smoke - Blacklace Beauty
Lipstick - Dark Raspberry - Izzie's
Shoes - Bridge Boots - Schmidt
Hair - Adorable Updo - Tuty's
Nails - Elizabeta 3D - Moondance Boutique
Hat - G308 hat - Graves

The last gown I'd like to share with you is the fantastical "Fatale", again from Desir.

When I first opened the box and saw this, I immediately thought of some elemental creature from the world of faerie, so I set about trying to create a look that matched my first impressions of the gown.

The top of the gown has quite a few options to create different looks, I chose to wear the web layer and under that, the normal gown top to create a dual layered look.The wispy chest veil is held in place by silver and pearl pieces in the shoulders with short sleeves softly draping down the arms. The skirt is an amazing, almost crystalline piece almost weblike in its construction. There are other options too so that you can create different looks, such as the jewelled horns I am wearing here and also a set of spider-like legs that attach at the waist and you can probably see too the webs that drape from the horns. . Keeping with this spidery theme, I added the charming "Widow Walker" choker from Chop Zuey for more arachinidy goodness.

As it struck me so much as having a fantasy collection, I chose the gorgeous "Moon Dusk" skin from the Pastels collection from Silken Moon, simply added makeup from Silken Moon, a few final touches and there was my elemental. 


Gown - "Fatale" - Desir
Hair - Salome Sweden (Tinted) - LeLutka
Earrings - Gallathea Silver - Vintage Jewels
Necklace - Widow Walker Choker - Chop Zuey
Eyes - MesmerEyes Fae - Silken Moon
Makeup - Silken Moon Signature  

The next two gowns I'd like to share with you have more connection with the world of fantasy and magic, or at least that was how I saw them when I modelled these in the recent "InPose and Silken Moon" show, put on by SL Fierce.

I've read fantasy novels since I was very young, beginning with stuff like the Hobbit and working up to epics like The Lord of the Rings and the Thomas Covenant stories by Stephen Donaldson. So getting into a fantasy gown was a real treat for me!!

This beautiful collection is from InPose, called (crosses fingers to spell it right), "Chanjaskda Fae".The mesh gown is one-piece and supplied in sizes XXS to large and is complete with a well-fitted alpha layer. the colours are what hit me immediately, being a riot of greens, blues and purples. The XXS fitted me like a glove and I just loved the corset-style top, the draped skirt and the waist attachments which just gave it a dreamy quality. Of course, what self-respecting fairy would be complete without her wings and this gown does not disappoint those of a fae persuasion with a fragile set of gossamer wings attached at the back.


Gown - Chanjaskda Fae - InPose
Skin - MoonIce - Silken Moon
Hair - Aquaria Blonde - EMO-tions
Eyes - MesmerEyes Fae - Silken Moon
Jewellry - Invitation to Eternity collection - Chop Zuey
Nails - Class Nails - Beauty Addict
Makeup - Signature makeup - Silken Moon

The last gown I'd like to share with you may be one of the more extraordinary it has been my pleasure to model. The thing it most reminded me of was the White Witch from the Narnia stories, OK well at least in my minds eye!!

Like a spirit fighting through the depths of an autumn storm, the "Ice Queen" gown, again from InPose makes a dramatic impact on the eyes. This visually stunning collection is based around a close-fitted mesh gown which can actually be worn on its own. The ice appliques are varied and again can be used to create a variety of looks. Here, I used all of them to create as dramatic an appearance as I could possibly do. The icy pieces attach to a variety of locations, so you'll have no trouble in creating just the look you want. It even comes with a hair attachment to give you that top-to-toe style.The "MoonRose" skin from Silken Moon's pastels collection just gave me the perfect subtle glow to contrast with the paleness of the gown.

Styling :-

Gown - Ice Queen - InPose
Hair - Platinum Bun - ICON hair
Jewellry - Gala MVW 2013 Elite - Zuri Rayna
Skin - MoonRose - Silken Moon
Makeup - Signature - Silken Moon 
Shoes - Coquette Silver - NCore
Gloves - Jessamine Snow Leather - Leverocci

The last thing for today (phew I hear you cry) is one of those things that gave me a moment, I called it my Grace Kelly moment, you know when you wear something and it just reminds you of someone?

This gorgeous tiara, the "Raine Aquitaine" tiara is made by a long-time friend of mine, Heth Collingwood, from his own store "Heth Haute Couture", known as HHC from now on here !!! If you've ever wondered what film stars wear in a posh night out, look no further. This platinum and diamond tiara is simple to fit to almost any head as its equipped with resize scripts. it is very delicate and would look fabulous with an elegant evening gown.

I've always liked things like tiaras, everyone wants to feel like a princess sometimes !!!

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