Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Sub Umbra Floreo" collection from Chop Zuey

As most, if not all, of you will know, Belle Roussel makes many of the personalised jewellry sets for the Miss Virtual World pageant each year. I thought I would feature one of these as my last post for the weekend and I chose the delicate "Sub Umbra Floreo" collection that was made for MVW Belize, Spirit Llewellyn.

This beautiful set is crafted from gold and is inlaid with sapphires, pearls, diamonds and a gemtsone I actually had to look up to see what it was, padparadscha. The padparadscha is a very rare form of sapphire and is a delicate pink-orange form of the gem. You can see these rarest of stones in the earrings, necklace, headband and bracelet.

There are three necklaces, one a choker-type, one a string of single pearls and one slightly longer all made from these precious materials, the gold being shaped so as to gently cradle the gemstones.The headband is the crowning glory, gently clasping the head and adding that indefinable touch of utter class.

The bracelets (there are two) match the other pieces perfectly, once again being made from this eclectic collection of gems and gold.The pearls have a lovely subtle glow and this collection is just made for those nights at the opera, a fancy restaurant or when you want to unleash your inner film-star.

Belle has made some beautiful pieces and this collection joins this illustrious set.


Jewellry - Sub Ombre Floreo - Chop Zuey
Gown - MVW Kim Rongyu Pearl - Bliss Couture
Makeup - Aphrodite Pink - Face Paint
Hair - Sami - Baiastice


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