Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Stylish Beauty from Desir

My bad, my bad....................I havn't blogged for ages for a few reasons. The oddest is when I had a new router installed, my PC would freeze and my internet disconnect for no reason I can fathom. Well, I am not expert, but when I called my ISP and asked how they could fix it, guess what the response was......

"Err............this seems to be an unspecified error, so we suggest turning your router off and then back on again"

I think my scream of frustration was probably heard several houses away. I've changed everything, fiddled with everything and the blasted thing still doesn't work, so I gave up.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a lovely surprise when Vivien Emerald, the Desir designer, sent me a bag with some incredible designs in. So, after I gave up trying to fix my woes, I thought I would share them with you.

This lovely dress is named "June". It's a well-fitted, stylish dress, sleeveless and cut to slightly above the knee. This must be one of the most versatile dresses I have seen as Vivien has included three HUDs giving you a choice of design on the dress, those being African, Asian and Tropical. I chose Asian, and the Japanese style garden print looks just lovely. With this wide choice of styles, this dress could be used almost anywhere.


Dress - "June" - Desir
Shoes - "Carrie Braided Wedge Sandals" - LIV-Glam
Hair - "Siobhan (Mesh) - Strawberry Blonde - Maitreya
Bag - Clear Beach Tote - ~ES~
Mesh Hands Casual - Slink

This beautiful gown, the "Mary Gala", also from Desir was created for Marycarmen Hyandi for the Miss Mundo Virtual pageant. An extravagantly glamorous gown, I fell in love with it the second I wore it. 

Cut from a delicate pale salmon silk, it clings in all the right places, and drapes perfectly in others. From the low-cut neckline, the waist has a pale green belt with a silken flower in the centre, the sleeves have a tight-fitting cuff but then drape quite beautifully to the elbow. The bodice fits quite closely before flowing into the delicate layered skirt. This is a gown that would dazzle at any spcial function and I cannot wait to try it out!


Gown - "Mary Gala" - Desir
Hair - "Found - Blonde 10" - Elikatira
Jewellery - "Stolen Kisses - Platinum and Diamond" - Chop Zuey
Makeup - "Helios Smoke" Face Paint

The next gown Vivien so kindly sent me took my breath away. I had no idea of how gorgeous this gown was to look!!

Imagine for a second, you were in the Amazonian rainforest and you came across a hidden city never seen by humanity before and then this lady walks out from the gate. Clad like an Aztec queen I bet your reaction would be like mine was............jaw-dropping.

This amazing collection is the "Mila" and is probably one of the most inspired designs I have seen in some time. I'll start with the top of the gown and work down !!!

The headpiece screamed Aztec to me when I saw it and is probably based in the legends of El Dorado, the famed city of gold from the legends. Suns, flowers and Aztec faces all decorate this superb piece. The shoulders and arms are all festooned with leaves and flowers and the breasts covered with a filmy bra, held up by a small chain passing around the neck.

The flaring skirt, decorated with flowers and birds of the forest has a tribal print and the traditional spear, a symbol of authority is also trimmed with the tribal fabric.

Can you not imagine seeing a ruler of the ancient Aztecs wearing this, I certainly could !!


Gown : "Mila" - Desir
Hair - Melk Lion - LeLutka
Skin - "Annika 03 Beige - Forest" - Zoul
Earrings - "Circus Maximus - Garnet, Citrine and Gold" - Chop Zuey
Feet - "Barefeet" - N-Core
Nails - "Female Palette 1 Medium" - Mandala

The last beauty from Desir is the fresh and pretty "MaryCarmen Cuba", again created for MaryCarmen Hyandi for the Miss Mundo pageant. 

Once I wore this, I headed straight for the beach and found the nearest palm tree! The gown itself is cut from a diaphanous white silk, almost transparent which floats quite beautifully in the breeze, the headdress is made from the same white silk, but is quite tightly wrapped and gives the impression of a seashell.

The really striking thing with this spectacular gown is the floral attachments that trail from the neck down almost to the feet, tropical blooms everywhere you look. Beautiful, isn't it :)

Accessorising this perfectly are the gorgeous earrings and bracelet from Chop Zuey's "Wisteria Woke Me This Morning" collection.


Gown - "MaryCarmen Cuba" - Desir
Earrings - "Wisteria Woke Me This Morning" - Chop Zuey
Bracelet - "Wisteria Woke Me This Morning" - Chop Zuey
Shoes - "Cuore Mango" - N-Core

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